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Archived Elanthian Warehouse
Gloumerrick's Book Wagon



Description Title Author
a dusky grey and green tome "Shan: Reflections of a Predator" Kilthal Dradious.
a dice-engraved bright silver guidebook "Sixes: Instructions on How to Play the Second-Best Party Game Since Terasian Craps Juspera Spintari.
a sun and phoenix painted volume "Triumph of the Light" Lord Krisenfest Rote-Kapelle.
a spotted gold and black volume "Andelasian Art of the Hunt" Kisaku Shizukatora.
an ice grey glaes-surfaced volume "An Interview with Harith The Whip of Mularos - Dated The Eighth Day of Eorgaen 5102
a crimson shark-embossed volume "The Sinking of the Black Frigate: A Brother's Revenge" Hrothgan the Pirate.
a colorfully enamelled volume "Simple Limericks for Simple Folk!" Hayl Falconsong.
a leaf-embossed teal ora book "Solitude and Sadness" Kelfyr Rynier.
a gem-inlaid golden mithril book "Brothers" Karlin Rialios IV
an amber-inset black iron book "The Nature of Fear" Grhim Anyukal.
a mithril-gilt scarlet leather book "The Fate of a Faendryl Princess" Gowain Olberath.
a silver-inlaid blue mithril journal "A New Face: From Nevea's Journal".
an emerald and pearl-set alum volume "Techniques in Healing: Etiquette of Empaths" Nilithi Gaeas.
a small bejeweled black volume "She Saved Me" Naessi Ranay Wintersun.
a diamond-set silvery mithril volume "Sword and Sorcery in New Ta'Faendryl" Morahael 'Morah' Lyshven Faendryl.
a silver-inlaid scarlet glaes tome "Mularosian Cadence" Naamit D. Monica.
a mottled umber leather tome "Aramur Kysus and the Evolution of the Imperial Turamzyrrian Army" Lord Captain Renick Aellorean writing as Lurch Goatroper.
a rippled blue pearl-inset book "My Love Is The Sea" Nofret Hrist.
a greyish-blue scale-embossed book "On the Balance of Life and Unlife As Theorized by Nevrek Araknathalin Faendryl".
a snowflake patterned azure book "Dismay or Humor?" Morstanya Urywain.
a mithril-gilt cream leather cookbook "Yummy Stuff!" Leedle Beitt.
an obsidian rose-embossed tome "The Dhe'nar a Primer for the Uninformed" Krissella Tr'Baren.
a scarab-inset gold and brown book "Loresongs for Fun and Profit" Altasren Eltinwe and Meilya Moriquesse.
a fish-embossed mithril-gilt guidebook "Great Fishing Locales: A Guide to Tyramia Hollow and Solhaven Bay" Revalos Lykanderon of Mestanir.
an onyx-inlaid scarlet mithril tome "The Forgotten Faendryl and the Death of the Ashrim" Ralkir Reichtenstein.
a slim rose-enamelled volume "A Lovestory Unlocked or How Picking Started in the East Tower" Lady Roxana.
a flower-set polished glass volume "Quivalin's Songs of Love and Spring".
a deep blue ale-crested volume "What Every Elanthian Wants" Plur Shisttle.
an onyx-inlaid golden mithril tome "The Four Tenets of Brother Calendrael Recorded by Railien Ta'Illoshien Blightstruck".
a ruby-inlaid white mithril book "Salvation - From the Heart of a Poet" Rontuu Whippert.
a scarlet and grey mithril book "On Sorcery" Rekarth N'Teclis Faendryl.
a smoke grey gold-inlaid book "The Day" Ramladu Stormcheck.
a small jade-inlaid book "A Pocket Guide to Herb Roulette" Odevalis Suhestial.
a bejeweled leaf-green tome "The Heart of Elanthia" Songowl.
a dark sunset-painted book "I'm Sorry For..." Skeed.
a narrow black and grey volume The writing on this book is in Saramar runes.
a silver-inlaid black mithril volume "Thoughts on the Black Market" Shallimar Wyldcat.
a nacreous gold-inlaid ora book "Techniques in Raising: the Etiquette of Clerics" Shikel Xietian.
an oaken monkey-engraved book "The Monkey and the Man" Shejala Da'artika.
a large hammered iron book The title and author are written in Saramar runes.
an emerald-set ebony book "Prayers and Rituals of Andelas" Sayori Nrsrimadeva.
a dusky mithril-gilt book. "The Orphanage of Jantalar: Even in Darkness there is Hope" Atri Talieson.
a silver blazestar-inset book "Protectors of the Citadel" Colonel Guarrin Rakinhelm.
a color-swirled dark mithril book "Memory and Perception" Ysharra Nagorn.
a silver-traced pink mithril book "The Tale of Sparkles the Spider" Xanith Sourcerus.
an enamelled gold-edged guidebook "Is This Thing Dead?: A Guide to Caring For Strange Animals" Yarx Teelf.
a sapphire-set engraved silver guidebook "A Visitor's Guide to Ta'Illistim" Velvette Aldursvale.
a cerulean star-embossed manual "Northern Fury Training Manual" General Valicar VonWraithmaster.
a topaz-inset brown leather book "Tepkin the Brave". The author is obvious.
a rose-embossed blue and white volume "Assorted Love Songs" Ylena Fygar.
a pearlescent garnet-inlaid tome "Mularos: A Study of the Arkati and His Religion" Tierus Morvaenus.
a reddish-gold onyx-inlaid tome "The Legend of Winterbane" Tanager Skydancing.
an agate-inset leatherbound cookbook "A Ranger's Guide to Wilderness Cooking" Delondil Wanderwolf.
a silvery sword-embossed tome "Sword of Regrets" Doppelganger of-Integra.
a slim leaf-patterned volume "Only the wind..." Casilla Qua'nok.
a gak suede mithril-trimmed volume. "The Rescue of Lord Bleeds" Yviara Na'Savar
a mithril-bound tooled leather volume "The Meeting of a Ranger and a Warrior" Eriyan Arcasia.
a bird-painted ivory book "Chronicle of the Ivory Tower" Chutnee BornOdepression.
a silver-edged enamelled brown volume "The Lost Lands: Yuriqen Caverndeep and Others" Geremiah Newhall.
a gleaming blue feather-adorned guidebook "Elanthia's Four Deadliest Avians" Gespry Kastellion.
a bejeweled dark mithril book "The Dashing Rogue and the Facts of Life" Emo Rel.
an agate-inset engraved haon book "A Ranger's Heart" Eridal Mailrinn.
a gold-inlaid grey mithril book "Locksmiths" Eugenides.
a crystal-inset pale grey tome "Iconic Divination: Volume One" Avidleigh Tir-na.
a snow white scarlet-crested volume "Faendryl Doctrine as Written by Lord Arkans Z'dehn Faendryl".
a midnight blue opal-inset volume "Minstrel's Heart: Poems of a Wanderer" Bevan Ravenswing.
a crystal-inset grey leather volume "Walking the Path of Neutrality" Cappurnicus Calerous.
a fox-embossed black mithril book "Foxables" Aramana Leirath.
an engraved green mithril book "Beware the Obelisk -- A Ta'Illistim Travel Tip" Askip.
a silver-inlaid black velvet book "The Raven and the Wolf" and the translator is Brakian Warbringer.
a comet-painted black glaes book "So It Begins..." Aerlic Thasan.
a phoenix patterned gold book "The Trident of the Phoenix" Xelivana 'Aimless' Meanderings.

This was a rather hastily completed project, due to time considerations of product availability. Please feel free to post corrections by tapping here.