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Elanthian Merchant Alliance

Not every member of the Alliance is a Merchant, although many are.
We also seek out the finest amongst those who provide services to the citizenry of Elanthia.

So, whether you are a Merchant, or provide another type of Service to Elanthia, perhaps you can find a home within our ranks.

Unlike Great Houses, this is simply an Alliance.
This is a player run organization of like-minded individuals who want to be associated with the highest value of product or service AND honesty and integrity.

Not only do our members swear to our Charter, but they are also 100% accountable to each other for their actions. You will not get cheated or slighted by one of the Alliance.

You will be treated fairly and honestly, with courtesy and character - you can be assured that whatever good or service you receive from any one of our members is delivered to you with the highest set of principles and integrity possible.

Soon, you will come to expect that.
That is our goal, to lift the standard of interaction, by setting and living by the higher standard.

That being noted, we are proud to list our membership here.

Charter Membership - The Original Founders

Angtamin Keyotiblades

Private Merchant
Specialty: One Handed Edged Weaponry

Lord Lavastene Dartangari of Lavas

Owner of the Flynth River Winery
Faendryl Mage
Specialty: Leather Armor and AI Crystal Mechanics

Available via Amunet in the Lands, and AIM Courier
Goods also listed at

Valefor Moordor

Elven Warrior
Sales via Message Boards, Occasional Auction
Specialty: One Handed Edged Weaponry, Pole Arms, Soft Leather Armor

Coming Soon - Application for General Membership

This area is still subject to significant updating. Make sure you 'Refresh', and check back often.

Show your desire for a Greater Elanthia by choosing your products or services from a member of the Alliance.